Our Studios

At Terrell HBSE, we specialize in curating and overseeing exceptional projects and immersive brand experiences in captivating destinations worldwide. Through our expertise in award-winning digital design and brand communications, we establish enduring connections with our guests. Both in our physical and digital spaces, we craft brands and experiences that deeply resonate. While we prioritize the bottom line, we never compromise on the guest experience, remaining focused on commercial success. We are constantly evolving with innovative products and new destinations to ensure we stay relevant to both current and future guests.

We are driven by our commercial mindset, ensuring that we deliver on the bottom line without compromising the guest experience. We never sit still or settle, we are always evolving with new innovative art, themed environments, exhibition design, one-of-one installations, scenery design, and brand activations.  

Our team is characterized by inclusivity and multiculturalism, unified under one global community. We prioritize making positive impacts on our teams, partners, local communities, and the planet. Our exceptional team comprises brilliant individuals who are doers, thinkers, and makers, hailing from diverse backgrounds, both within and outside the hospitality industry. By combining Terrell HBSE’s expertise in brand building, creative storytelling, design, and authentic experiences with House of Terrell’s extensive knowledge in scaling, network growth, and distribution, we create a unique synergy.

Culture is central to our operations, and our core values shape everything we do at Terrell HBSE. These values serve as our DNA, guiding our work and fostering collaboration among our team members.

Interiors & Graphics House of Terrell studios

Our team consists of skilled interior and graphic designers who specialize in creating remarkable hospitality spaces. With a proven track record, we have a wealth of experience in designing environments that seamlessly blend functionality and creativity. Having worked in the industry for decades, we possess a deep understanding of the practical necessities that commercial spaces demand, while always prioritizing the exceptional experiences of our guests.

At the core of our design process lies an extensive exploration of our surroundings and a deep understanding of the historical context of our buildings. This foundation enables us to craft distinctive experiences that truly showcase and embody the essence of the brands we collaborate with.

Food & Beverage  Concept Lab

With a strong foundation rooted in hospitality, our fully integrated F&B studio is dedicated to delivering exceptional restaurants, bars, and nightlife venues, starting from the initial concept all the way to launch. Drawing upon our decades of experience and diverse expertise, we foster collaborations with acclaimed designers, esteemed chefs, renowned mixologists, and top-notch hospitality professionals.

Together, we create one-of-a-kind concepts that are infused with deep insights, imbued with soul, and designed for long-lasting success.

in addition, our virtual brands powered by Realm Kitchen enable the underutilized real estate to be tailored to meet the diverse needs of the surrounding neighborhood.

Our ghost kitchen platform is based on food-service facilities set up for the delivery-only option. It’s different from the traditional dine-in space, we use your kitchen and our proven brand concepts to boost your delivery sales. 


We specialize in crafting top-tier websites and cutting-edge custom hospitality platforms that are specifically tailored to boost sales and brand value. Our team of digital marketing experts collaborates closely with our skilled tech professionals to implement effective strategies for driving traffic, utilizing techniques such as SEO, paid advertising, and social media content promotion.

At our destination, prime locations,  and restaurants, we go the extra mile to enhance the guest experience by carefully curating digital touchpoints. These thoughtfully designed digital elements add an extra layer of engagement and convenience, ensuring that every interaction with our brand leaves a lasting impression.


Dedicated to driving revenue growth and expanding brand influence, our partnership team specializes in cultivating global strategic alliances that align with the core essence of our brands. By collaborating with like-minded entities, we create memorable moments that elevate the guest experience to new heights. We strive to provide our owners and customers with access to the finest services and products available in the market.

Our partner roster boasts an impressive lineup of global iconic companies & brands spanning various industries, including hospitality, sports, entertainment, music, and more. We approach collaborations with a dynamic mindset, constantly seeking innovative ways to seamlessly integrate our partners into the guest experience. From captivating product launches, exciting events, and engaging activations to co-branded retail offerings, partner investment opportunities, and brand licensing ventures, we create unique opportunities that bring immense value to all parties involved.